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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  October 31, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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/ >> breaking news at 5:00, witnesses describing that scene of horror on the streets of new york city. >> that's right. it started at 3:30 when a pickup rumbled down a bike path. >> it crashed into a school bus. here is what we know now. our sister station wnbc reporting six people dead, as many as 15 injured. >> let's head to the live desk. scott macfarlane has been monitoring this. he's there with the very latest. scott, what have you learned? >> in the headlines, the suspect is in custody. according to nbc news he's a man in his 30s, driving a home depot truck driving the wrong way on a bike path. six dead, 15 injured as you report. a joint terror investigation is underway. a terror investigation just blocks away from the world trade center memorial site. there are schools that were in lockdown till late this afternoon because this happened in an area in which there are a high volume of schools, including high schools, high school students on social m
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report being witnesses to this. the suspect we are told by nbc news, suspected of jumping out of his home depot truck after ramming through people yelling, allahu akbar, and was taken to bellevue hospital in new york. there are reports he had some type of faux firearm, a thing that looked like firearm, and there were gunshots. police shot him, and took him into custody according to our reporting. our sister station in new york reports the suspect is in the hospital, is expected to survive, but is very much in custody. not clear whether the suspect was acting alone, whether he had help. we expect an update from investigators, a 5:15 news conference is scheduled 10, 15 minutes from now. we'll bring it to you live when it happens. so, a suspect in custody. at least six dead. at least 15 hurt. this incident in a very busy part of a very busy city lower manhattan. for now, wendy and leon, back to you. >> all right, thank you, scott. >> thank you, scott. and don't go anywhere because our live coverage from new york city is just getting started. again, we are waiting for
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conference from new york. it's starting at 5:15. our aaron gilchrist is on his way to manhattan right now. jackie benson is down in georgetown here in d.c. where police patrols are in place because it is halloween. so, keep it locked right here on news4 and sign up for breaking news alerts in the nbc washington app. >> now, we also have more breaking news. one person now confirmed dead in an awful restaurant crash in prince george's county. police say 73-year-old isaiah pew has passioned away. he was critically injured when a car slammed into big boy's tavern in upper marlboro. the driver lost control of the vehicle while attempting to make a left turn onto marlborough pike. five other people were injured. >> and here in our area, a terrible accident that killed a woman and sent four of her family members to the hospital. >> yes, but this evening the victim's teenage son is showing remarkable improvement and speaking only to news 4. he was critically
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food truck t-boned his family's car in loudoun county. >> i have a broken heart at the loss of my mother. >> our northern virginia bureau chief julie carey is at children's hospital with good news about this young man. jules? >> reporter: ben caplan has been in this hospital 54 days. believe me, he was keeping count. he was in that accident that claimed his mom's life. his improvement has been so remarkable that tonight he's going to leave the hospital and move to a rehab facility. and he has some thoughts he wants to share now about what his family has been through. >> hi. >> reporter: it was a visit from a candidate for governor that brought us to his room at the hospital. northam learning himself why the man is here. >> mind me asking
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>> a man crashed into our car when my mom was driving me to work. >> i'm sorry. >> i lost my mom. >> i'm so sorry. >> reporter: this was a horrible scene on september 8 when a man driving a bus converted into a food truck ran a stop sign and slammed into the caplan's vehicle. erin caplan was killed. ben, his two little sisters and his grandma also badly hurt. only ben remains in the hospital. when i asked how he's doing, this was his answer. >> it's been tough. i have a broken heart over the loss of my mother, but every day gets a little better. >> reporter: just weeks ago, ben could barely speak. now he's not only answering questions, but joking with lieutenant governor about the stapled scar that circles his head. >> you like my mullet? >> i do. >> reporter: the community has embraced the caplan family, raising tens of thousands of dollars to help with medical costs. ben's sisters were at this recent volleyball game
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loss he's endured, ben is grateful. >> oh, it's meant the world to me. the man who hit our car, he taught me about the evil in the world, but seeing all these kind actions is really taught me that the world can be very nice, too. >> reporter: ben says he's heartened, too, to learn about the work vdot is doing to improve safety on watson and evergreen mills roads where his mom was killed. today the shoulder is being widened, fortified and tomorrow a special nonskid surface will be added to the curb approaching the intersection. and a loudoun county sheriff's office also doing a stepped up enforcement campaign on evergreen mills road. i'll tell you more about that on news4 at 6:00. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, julie. we're pulling for him like everyone else. all right. this has been one of the most looked at stories on the nbc washington app and tragedy in northern virginia after a young boy jumped from a
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car below. mean bhiel the community where the boy lived are struggling why they didn't see any warning signs. news4's meagan fitzgerald talks to neighbors about it. >> reporter: neighbors describe the community as family friendly where you can usually find kids outside playing with friends when school gets out. the uncle of a 12-year-old boy who police say jumped over this overpass says his nephew was one of those kids who liked to be outdoors. >> he's happy. you know nobody. johnny, where are you going? i'm walking. okay, boy, i walk. the same every day. >> reporter: his uncle didn't want to be identified, but on saturday, he was told by virginia state police that his nephew jumped over this overpass, crashing onto an suv, killing 22-year-old marisa ha
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studying clinical counseling at mary mount university and had dreams of helping young children, but she never got the chance. >> i don't know. i don't know what happened. >> reporter: so many questions still remain, while family members and an entire community try to get through their pain. now, fairfax county public schools sent a letter to middle school and high school parents that says, in part, quote, in any crisis situation, students experience a variety of reactions at different times. some requiring very little support, and others requiring much more. it's important to know that resources and support are available. now, as for that 12-year-old boy who jumped over this overpass behind us here, we are told he's in the hospital experiencing life-threatening injuries. very important to note here, we also heard from the 22-year-old woman who also died on saturday that her mother reached out to us to tell us wanting to warn the community about a fraudulent
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gofundme account that's circulating. she says her family has not set up any gofundme pages. back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald, thank you, meagan. an outbreak of mumps his hit american university, seems to be spreading to other college c campuses. five cases have spread at american university. in charlotte, they are reporting two cases of mumps this month. syracuse university dealing with dozens of cases. the symptoms of mumps very much like the flu, but you get these puffy cheeks and a swollen jaw and that lets you know it's the mumps. the virus typically goes away on its own. our forecast has a lot of people wondering about that trick or treating weather. >> that's right. so far so good, though. let's go down to our storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer who is live in chevy chase where the trick or treaters will be out and about. doug, you said
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hits. what's the word? what's the deal, you're letting us down. >> don't you worry, this is the first hit, leon. i wanted to get you set up to let everybody know what i'm going to be doing coming up the next two hours here. i'll be in a different costume every time you see me. are you ready for trick or treat tonight? >> yes! >> the weather has been fantastic. we have the little kids earlier, second graders and below, they had a nice little parade here a little earlier. these are some of the bigger kids getting ready to go. safety first, kids, no running across the streets. stay on the sidewalks, right? we already talked about this, right? okay, good. >> yeah. >> we haven't had that. let's show you what's happening temperature wise out there now. we are in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. it is going on the chilly side as you move on through the rest of the night tonight. all in all, not a bad night for trick or treating. yes, maybe the extra layer as you are stepping on out. we'll talk much more about the halloween forecast. we'll take you hour by hour. and yes, first costume coming up in ten minutes.
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the nbc peacock just flew in and his arms are tired. sorry, i had to say that. send it back in to you guys. >> what they're doing is not fair. they must stop it. just leave us alone, please. >> that is the message that dozens of protesters took to the front door of the u.s. department of housing today. they say that landlords are evicting tenants for smoking marijuana in their homes even though it's legal in their states. news4's mark segraves reports this evening to help make their point, protesters gave away free pot as federal police watched. >> reporter: eight states and the district of columbia have legalized recreational marijuana. medical marijuana is legal in 29 states. but federal law still considers pot an illegal drug. so, if you're one of the millions of people living in an apartment paid for by federal taxpayers, you could be evicted for having pot in your home. even if the state says it's legal.
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>> reporter: patty loveless lives in a subsidized apartment in takoma park. he says he'd rather smoke pot than take opioids his doctor prescribes. he's afraid he'll lose his home if he's caught with marijuana. >> there are people in their 80s and 90s if they use it. what's going to happen to them if they get caught smoking weed in their house? are they going to get put out? >> reporter: housing and urban development to drive this point home to smokers of legalized marijuana, they are handing out free pot. >> thank you so much for being here. >> reporter: the same group handed out pot on the u.s. capital last april. ehud spokesperson said people who receive federal rent subsidies know the rules when they sign a lease. >> when the federal government is paying your rent, there is no smoking in public housing as is, and there's no smoking of marijuana either. >> reporter: it's not just people who live in subsidized housing who can be evicted for smoking pot. any landlord can evict a
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for smoking pot if the lease prohibits it. in the district, mark segraves, news 4. >> a community on edge tonight after some disturbing messages were attached to candy and left in bags outside their homes. >> plus, the white house on the defense. their response to the latest investigation into russian interference in last year's elections. >> her car plunged off the bay bridge, landed in the water. after she was hit by a distracted trucker. the survivor has a message as she appears on capitol hill today. >> and we continue to follow the breaking news from new york. a suspect now in custody after a deadly attack involving a pickup truck. a live news conference expected to come in a few
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m mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. female narrator: what would john adams do to women's health? adams argued before the supreme court to give employers control over your access to birth control. adams also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women. and adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest. john adams: wrong for women's health. wrong for virginia.
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back now to that breaking news in manhattan where at least six people are dead and more than a dozen others are injured after a rental truck mowed down people in a popular bike and pedestrian path. a short time we saw this video from the scene. witnesses say the driver got out of the truck, started running around with two guns that appeared to be fake guns. officers showed up with real ones and they shot him. the suspect now in the hospital at this point. and investigators are saying that this is an apparent terror attack. they believe the driver deliberately hit those people as he targeted a school bus. for those of you who are familiar with the new york city area, this is in the tribeca neighborhood in the lower west side. >>
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possible press conference we're waiting for an update from law enforcement and possibly the mayor as well. and we'll bring that to you as soon as it happens live. wendy? >> bark here ck here in washing president and the white house trying to distance themselves from the indictments in the russia probe. today president trump in a tweet storm echoing what he's been saying, there is no collusion and he tries to put the blame on the democrats and what he calls the fake news. joining us now is a closer look at the reaction from 1600 pennsylvania avenue as nbc news investigative reporter ken delaney. again, the president in his tweets called george papadopoulos a low-level volunteer, but he is heard on a tape that he made with the editors of the washington post and the "the new york times" kind of bragging that he had this guy on his staff, right, after his inauguration. so, what do we know about papadopoulos? >> reporter: well, wendy, it is true that he was papadopoulos,
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volunteer. but it's also true, as you said, that president trump was -- then candidate trump said his name as part of a list of advisors and washington editorial board. it's pretty clear that this guy, papadopoulos, was the subject of a recruitment effort from people that the fbi believes was connected to russian intelligence. and he may have been a low level guy but he was in touch with more senior people in the campaign, including a man named sam clovis who was a cam pin co-chair and is now up for a big chair in the agriculture department. we are reporting today clovis testified before the mueller grand jury last week and his lawyer today is responding. but the bottom line is that this guy, papadopoulos, was talking and disclosing his contacts with russians to more senior people in the trump campaign, wendy. >> how is the president's attorney say mr. trump isn't feeling in the angst, but his tweets would indicate otherwise. what are people at the white house saying about his reaction? >> repr:
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how he spent much of the morning yesterday just holed up in the residence, in the white house watching cable news and stewing and fuming. i mean, clearly he's feeling cornered and trapped. his own lawyers who are defending him in the mueller investigation were not aware that these indictments were coming until very close to the time that they were announced. so, it's got to be a very difficult time for president trump. >> all right. nbc's ken delaney. thanks so much. >> good to be with you, wendy. >> we invite you to keep it here for all the latest out of the white house from the nbc political team. ahead on nightly news, that comes on after news 4 at 6:00. >> the white house this afternoon defendling comments by chief of staff john kelly who said this. quote, the lack of an ability to compromise led to the civil war. kelly made the remarks on fox news. he had been commenting on the removal of confederate flags and memorials across the country. now, during the interview kelly also said it is a mistake to take what is accepted today and apply it to the past. and he called confederate general robert e. lee,
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honorable man. >> he was a man that gave up, gave up his country to fight for his state which in 150 years ago was more important than country. it was always loyalty to state first back in those days. >> the civil war as many have conceded was fought after a long dispute over the issue of slavery in our country. the daughter of dr. martin lu luther king, jr., called kelly irresponsible and dangerous. now to the tight race for virginia governor. >> the men running for the state's top elected office are raking in some major cash with just one week to go until the election. campaign finance reports show republican ed gillespie and democrat ralph northam raised a record $20 million combined this month, 10 million apiece. virginia has the only competitive gubernatorial contest in the nation this year. you can get caught up on everything you need to know before you go to vote by searching virginia governor in
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>> quite a lot of people are about to head out for trick or treating tonight and doug is back with a look at what you can expect where you are. >> and we're staying on top of the breaking news out of new york city. eight people now dead. we continue to wait for this news conference from the police and the mayor. narrator: ed gillespie's false attacks. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd.
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and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable. keep in mind this incident occurred a little more than two hours ago. all the information that we are giving you now is preliminary and subject to change. after i speak, you're going to hear from governor cuomo and mayor de blasio. bill sweeney from the assistant director in charge of the new york fbi office is standing up here with me, too. members of my executive
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we have sy vance and members of the state police. first i want to say today there was a loss of ninnocent life in lower manhattan. the dead and injured were going about their days. they were on bicycles. this is a tragedy of the greatest magnitude. for many people, families here in new york city and beyond today, i want to commend the response from our n.y.p.d. officer on post near the location who stopped the carnage moments after it began. also the work of the first responders including the fire department and ems personnel surely helped save additional lives. as i said, i'll give more of a chronology in a couple minutes. right now i'd like to introduce mayor de blasio. >> thank you, commissioner. it's a very painful day in our city. horrible tragedy on the west side. let me be clear that based on the information we have at this moment, this was an act of terror, and a particularly
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cowardly act of terror aimed at innocent civilians, aimed at people going about their lives like no idea what was about to hit them. we at this moment, based on the information we have, we know of eight innocent people who have lost their lives, and over a dozen more injured. we know that this action was intended to break our spirit. but we also know new yorkers are strong. new yorkers are resilient. and our spirit will never be moved by an act of violence and an act meant to intimidate us. we have been tested before as a city very near the site of today's tragedy, and new yorkers do not give in in the face of these kinds of actions. we'll respond as we alwa
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and i want to thank everyone at the n.y.p.d., all our first responders for their extraordinary efforts in the midst of this tragedy, starting with the officer who stopped this tragedy from continuing, all of the first responders who came to the aid of those who were injured. investigation is underway to get all the facts and what we'll tell you today, of course, will be preliminary. but we know we will get down to the bottom of what happened. i want to ask all new yorkers, all americans to keep the families of those lost in your thoughts and prayers. they will need our support. and i want to ask all new yorkers to be vigilant. we know it's halloween night and we know in the days ahead people will be uneasy. we ask all new yorkers to live
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something, say something. tell an officer immediately if you see anything unusual, anything that worries you. be vigilant and know that there will be extensive additional employments of n.y.p.d. officers this evening and throughout the days ahead. we will also keep you posted as this investigation continues and as the n.y.p.d. gains more information. governor cuomo. >> thank you. first, our thoughts and prayers are with those new yorkers who we lost today. it reminds us all how precious life is. they left the house this morning. they were enjoying the beautiful west side of manhattan on a beautiful fall day, and they're not going to be returning home. and that shock and that pain is going to be very real, and our thoughts and our prayers are with a
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our first responders did an extraordinary job, the n.y.p.d., the fdny, the fbi, the new york state police, ems. we have the finest security on the globe. and to see them in action today proved that once again. the new terrorist tactic which they have called for publicly are these lone wolves who commit an act of terror. this is all very preliminary. it's only been a couple of hours, but at this point there's no evidence to suggest a wider plot or a wider scheme, but the actions of one individual, who meant to cause pain and harm and probably death and the resulting terror, and that was the purpose.
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we will be vigilant. more police everywhere. you'll see them in the airports. you'll see them in the tunnels. it's not because there is any evidence of any ongoing threat or any additional threat. it is just out of vigilance and out of, out of caution. and the truth is new york is an international symbol of freedom and democracy. that's what we are. and we are proud of it. that also makes us a target for those people who oppose those concepts. and we have lived with this before. we felt the pain before. we feel the pain today. but we go forward together and we go forward stronger than ever. we're not going to let them win.
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and if we change our lives, we contort ourselves to them, then they win and we lose. we'll go about our business. again, there is no ongoing threat. there's no evidence of that at this time. so, there's no reason to have any undo anxiety. you will see more security forces, but that's only because it's an abundance of caution and not a signal of anything else. and there will be continued investigation and justice will be done. but, again, to those we lost, they are in our thoughts and our prayers. to the first responders, thank you, thank you, thank you for the job you do. you put your life on the line every day. you do it better than anyone else. and to new yorkers,
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yorkers and live your life and don't let them change us or deter us in any manner, shape, or form. thank you. >> thanks, governor cuomo. thank you, mr. mayor. as i said, i'm going to go through the chronology here. i know when i'm done, you're going to have a lot of questions, but we're not going to go too deep into it. it's only two hours. after i get done with the chronology, dan is going to talk about the injuries. at 3:05:00 p.m., a male driving a rented home depot pickup truck entered the west side highway bicycle path at houston street, began striking down a number of pedestrians and bicyclists along the route. at chamber street, the truck collided with a school bus, injuring two adults and two children. the driver of the truck 29-year-old man exited the vehicle bran dishing two hand guns.
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confronted the subject and shot him in the abdomen. the subject was wounded and transported to a local hospital. the paint ball again and pellet gun were recovered at the scene. the subject's identity is not being released at this time pending further investigation. at this point there are eight fatalities reported in connection with this incident. in addition, several people have been injured and commissioner from our fire department will discuss that. dan? >> thank you, jim. as police commissioner said, six of the people died, they were pronounced at the scene between houston street and chambers street. they were all males. two others were transported in traumatic arrest and were pronounced at the hospital. we also transported 11 people, all with serious, but at this moment, not life-threatening injuries. the injuries are what you may expect
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speed down that bicycle path and struck bicyclists and pedestrians. there may be more injuries as people self-evacuated and we will determine that later as we do our survey. but that's the patient count and the deaths as we know it now. >> all right. at this point we're going to take some questions. miles. hold on, hold on. miles. >> [ inaudible ]. did you guys talk to home depot about this? >> john, you want to talk about the program a little bit? >> sure. as you know, through the shield program we do a very wide outreach. we have just under 20,000 members in ther
5:32 pm
after isis, ramia magazine came out with the issue two years ago around this time of year suggesting car attacks. you'll recall one of the targets they suggested was the thanksgiving day parade. we went and did extensive outreach to the truck rental business. we visited over 148 truck rental locations in this area. the obvious ones u-haul, ryder, home depot, et cetera. suspicious ways to come forward, after attacks on the german christmas market after nice, we repeated those visits two more times either by making telephonic contact, e-mail, or going back to the same places. so, the industry has had a high level of awareness on this matter from the n.y.p.d. >> [ inaudible ].
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>> it's way too early to discuss that. i mean, this just happened two hours ago. that is of course part of our investigation. >> [ inaudible ]. >> initially we thought it might have been but it turned out not to be. >> [ inaudible ]. >> this is all part of the investigation. >> [ inaudible ]. >> no, this incident is over. it did end right by stuyvesant high school. we had to make sure all the kids were taken care of and we held them in place for a while and it was important that we do that. but this incident is over. david. hold on, hold on. david. >> can you talk about the age of the suspect and the victims. was tre
5:34 pm
[ inaudible ]? >> he's a 29-year-old male and i'm not going to talk about the truck right now. right there. >> [ inaudible ]. is that the only indication that this would be an act of terrorism? what else -- >> he did make a statement when he exited the vehicle. if you look at the m.o. of the attack, that's consistent with what's been going on. so, that along with the statement has enabled us to label this as terrorist events. >> [ inaudible ]. >> no, not right now. >> do you have his nationality, and was there any intelligence leading up to this that there was something in the works? >> again, two hours old, we'll update you as we go along. lenny. >> who is in kmarj of the investigation? >> it is being conducted jointly with the n.y.p.d. and the fbi. >> [ inaudible ]? >> from florida? i'm not going to go into that. yep, john. >> [ inaudible ]. >> john, not right now, no. yes. >> [ inaudible ].
5:35 pm
>> after the times square incident i talked about this. any incident that happens in new york or happens in the country or around the world, we have to learn from that. so of course we're going to take a look at that. yep. >> [ inaudible ]. >> he's in the hospital. i'm not going to tell you what hospital. and i'm going to let chief gomez talk about what we're doing for the halloween parade tonight. carlos? >> in less than 90 minutes that parade will kickoff. we will proceed with the parade and certainly we've added more resources, more police officers, heavy weapons teams, block of vehicles leading to the route as well as more sand trucks. there's also heavy weapons scenes being deployed throughout the city at key iconic locations. >> [ inaudible ]. >> this is why we do investigations. initially i'm sure whoever put that out w
5:36 pm
event was, and now two hours into it, this is the determination that we made. yep, in the first row. yeah. >> [ inaudible ]. >> too early in the investigation. >> as we step away here now from this press conference, a number of things we have been able to confirm in the last few moments. the number of dead now has been determined at 8. they believe six were declared dead at the scene. all males, i by the way. 11 are in the hospital with serio serious injuries. they confirmed it was a single attack of a 29-year-old male. >> they are calling this an act of terror, but they don't know if he was radicalized. it's too soon to tell because this occurred two hours ago. big new york halloween parade through tribeca not far from there, steps off in about 90 minutes. and they are asking people to go about their business and enjoy their night. they will just see more security. but the governor cuomo saying this is part of life as we know it now, and we need to continue to live and not contort
5:37 pm
ourselves around any kind of fear of this event happening. we'll be back right after this.
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for a baby's heart in thel, first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 5:00. >> right now at 5:30, a suspected terror attack in new yo
5:40 pm
deaths now. more than a dozen other people injured after a man in a rental truck mowed down people in lower manhattan. >> yes, and police are saying that they believe that the man had been targeting the school bus and he drove down and ran over at least ten blocks -- drove ten blocks of a popular bike and pedestrian trail there. witnesses say he then got out after the car was disabled and then started running in the streets with what turned out to be fake guns. >> we have been tested before as a city, very near the site of today's tragedy. and new yorkers do not give in in the face of these kinds of actions. we'll respond as we always do. we will be undeterred. >> the press conference, by the way, still underway right now and we'll keep an ear out and let you know what's new coming up. now we move on to leesburg where some parents are fighti
5:41 pm
halloween haul. they are finding hate. >> parents in downtown leesburg are on high alert ahead of tonight's trick or treating. >> reporter: leesburg is preparing for trick or treat, and some residents say what happened this weekend was a disturbing trick. bags of candy arrived at houses and residents say what they found inside was no treat. residents here in these historic leesburg neighborhoods are upset. sunday morning some of them found plastic bags dropped in front of their houses with candy and cartoons inside. but police say it was ku klux klan recruitment material. >> a letter, cartoons that were vial avile and include cartoon caricatures of what were obviously meant to be jewish
5:42 pm
a tray sliced off. absolutely revolting and disgusting. bags of candy were included as if to attract children. >> reporter: leesburg police are investigating along with federal agencies to determine if the materials threaten any specific groups. if not, police say there is not much they can do because hate speech is protected by the first amendment. >> i'm very disappointed, very disappointed that we would have something like this happen. here in leesburg. >> reporter: you are looking live at police roadblocks here as families begin to gather for the historic halloween parade. and because it is organized by police, they tell us they do not expect any unwanted surprises here. that's the latest live in leesburg. back to you. >> thank you, chris. we continue to foll t
5:43 pm
breaking news in new york city where at least eight people are dead, 15 injured in what appears to be a terrorist act according to the mayor. investigators say a man drove a rented home depot truck onto the bike path, running over people who were enjoying a sunny afternoon on this halloween. ourlive coverage will co ralph nortntham: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all.
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i'm mark segraves at the news4 live desk. monitoring what's being now called a terror attack in new york city, we learned 8 people were killed and more than a dozen other people were hurt when a man in a pickup truck drove down a bike path late this afternoon. law enforcement officials tell nbc news the driver was targeting a school bus. officers with the new york city police department shot the suspect. we are told he's a man 29 years old, and he's in the hospital. nbc news is reporting he shouted allahu akbar during the attack. moments ago, mayor bill de blasio appeared with the governor and investigators to update the investigation and to calm the nation. >> we have lived with this before. we felt the pain before. we feel the pain today. but we go forward together and we go forward stronger than ever. we're not going to let them win. >> now, there is supposed to be a major halloween parade in new york city tonight. we are told it will go on with extra security. but today's incident absolutely making parents around the country a little more wary about getting outside later tonight. our jackie benson is in georgetown tonight checking out security there. she'll have a live report coming up. leon, wendy, that is the very latest here at the live desk. now let's send it back to you guys. >> all right, thank you, mark. a huge fun ral procession followed a fire truck that carried a casket today of a fallen prince george's county fire fighter. president and assistant chief
5:47 pm
john burns, he died suddenly from a medical emergency last week. today's procession passed a dispatcher center where he worked and, of course, his firehouse where he volunteered before eventually arriving at the cemetery in brentwood. >> the fight over the removal of plaques of george washington and robert e. lee inside an historic alexandria church took a new twist. a gop candidate took aim at the church's decision. as news 4's tom sherwood reports, that pressure is not causing the church leadership to back down. >> reporter: at christchurch in alexandria, the leadership it ske self, paused for prayer today. >> enable us to live as jesus lived, breaking down walls of hostility. >> reporter: the reverend simmons rector of christchurch reacting to bitter criticism from conservative virginia politician cory stewart. stewart came to alexandria to denounce the historic church as decision to reposit
5:48 pm
plaques of george washington and robert e. lee. put up back in 1870, out of the sanctuary because they have become a political distraction to worship services. >> the next thing and i would not be surprised to see this happen, is that they will take the word christ off the name of this church. stewart has made defense confederate monuments a core part of his 2018 senate campaign. >> reporter: he has encouraged republican candidate for governor ed gillespie to do the same. washington and lee wore shipped at the now 244-year-old church. various memorabilia including family pews recognizing them will stay. only the plaques will be repositioned. stewart said the church had a right to do what it wanted. >> our right as citizens is to condemn the church for dishonoring the father of our country in that way. >> reporter: tourists from texas today seem to understand the church's decision. >> just something in memorial to robert e. lee, i can understand that.
5:49 pm
destroying it. >> i think that's appropriate. it's a parish-wide decision. >> part of our reason for being here is there is so much old history here. >> we remain a church of washington and of lee, but most importantly we are a church of jesus christ. >> reporter: in alexandria, tom sherwood, news 4. >> time now to argue about who has the best candy. >> exactly. let's check in with doug who is supposed to be having a costume change. doug? >> let's see what he has. >> we could use one. >> which one is doug? that's good. >> somebody stole my candy. help, help! >> you're good. >> here's your candy. >> thank you, superman. 0 >> oh, you're welcome, kids. be safe out there. i have other super heros with me, too. wonder woman, batman and super girl. we have to get back to the hall of justice soon. don't we? >> yes. >> yes, exactly right. that's what they say in the comic books with a big old big old bubbleke
5:50 pm
>> we're having a great time here for halloween. everybody having fun, right? getting a lot of candy. they've been waiting for us to go on the air so they have to get out of here to go get some candy right now and there's quite a few kids that i said, hey, guys, why don't you come on with us. we're about to go live on television. literally, they said, no, no, i've to get more candy. so they continue to move on through. we're going to be here through the 7:00 hour, guys. this is just -- you haven't seen any other costume. this is costume number one. i've got some more coming up real soon coming up at 6:00. you have to see what is coming up next. we have something special for you. thank you guys for being on with us. i appreciate that. stharz tas far as the weath concerned, these tights are kind of tight. we're at 61 degrees in d.c. as we move on through the rest of the night tonight, temperatures will continue to cool, so yeah if you're just getting ready to head out, maybe the extra layer as temperatures go to the low
5:51 pm
40s in some of the suburbs later on. for the weekend what are we expecting? amelia draper in the studio with more. hold on, before i talk to you, i have to do the super pose. >> go back to doug. >> super pose like this. >> there you go. you got it down just pat. >> got it? >> you're going to keep your 6:25 costume, right? we've all been waiting for that 6:25 costume. not changing? >> it's going to be awesome, 6:25, you got it, yeah, yeah, 6:25 you have to see it. >> i can't wait. i think we all need something to smile about this evening. as we look to your weather headlines again, just like doug said it's chilly out there so that extra layer under the trick or treating outfit tonight. it's cool again tomorrow, maybe an isolated late day shower and then it's warm to finish the workweek. we're talking about 70s on thursday and friday. but here's your planner tomorrow. we start off at 45 degrees. a high of 62. so, on the cool side once again, and more clouds out there tomorrow. there is a small chance of a late day shower mainly north and west of washington. you want to keep that in mind for the after sch
5:52 pm
wednesday completely dry. here is your storm team 4 four day forecast. there is that warm up on thursday. 74 degrees friday. if you want the warm weather, look forward to friday. not only do we have plenty of sunshine, but near 80 degrees for a high temperature on friday. chance for some light showers out there saturday, but by no means is saturday looking like a wash out. temperatures only around 59 degrees for the afternoon hours. as we look to sunday, we're talking about temperatures in the mid 60s with mostly cloudy skies. overall the weekend looking very much like fall. and then we do have the chance for some much needed rain in the forecast monday, tuesday and potentially on into wednesday. notice next week to our temperatures really tumble. a week from now we're at 54 and after that we are taulg into the low 50s. so again, a look at your ten-day forecast cool, plenty of clouds tomorrow and a warm up to finish out the workweek, wendy. >> all right, thanks, amelia. all this week we are taking a look at digital addiction, how
5:53 pm
consumer reporter susan hogan is here with results of a new study that shows kids are using mobile dee voices at a younger and younger age. >> a new common sense media survey gathered information about how kids 8 years old and under are consuming media today. the report shows a big jump in the use of tablets. just 1% of kids under 8 years of age had a tablet in 2011. now 42% have their own. access to mobile devices is widespread, a whopping 95% of families with young children now have a smartphone. about one in ten kids have access to an internet connected toy or voice activated device like amazon echo. and contrary to pediatrician recommendations, nearly half of children 8 and under consume media in the hours before bedtime. >> don't let your younger children take a cell phone or a tablet into the bedroom. make sure that when and if you give them permission to use
5:54 pm
a common area and it's only for ape limited time period. >> now, all this week we are challenging you and your kids to see just how long you are spending on your smartphones.m , candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. female narrator: what would john adams do to women's health? adams argued before the supreme court to give employers control over your access to birth control. adams also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women. and adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest. john adams: wrong for women's health. wrong for virginia.
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>> announcer: news4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. >> tragedy in new york city this evening after a rented pickup truck is used as a weapon, plowing into pedestrians on a crowded bike path right near the
5:57 pm
world trade center. tonight the death toll is rising. eight people are dead. many more injured. >> and investigators are now calling this an act of terror. they are taking the man behind the wheel into custody. he's in the hospital after he was shot by police. this is the scene of the area there, a live look at the scene coming up. it is roped off in yellow crime tape. >> we have a team of reporters gathering new details on this breaking story. we are going to begin with pat lawson muse. she's at the live desk with more. pat? >> this is a story that continues to unfold, doreen. just a short time ago we got a better idea of the time line on what happened here. police say just after 3:00 this afternoon, a man used a rented home depot pickup truck to run over pedestrians and bikers in the west side highway bike trail. that's near the tribeca neighborhood in lower manhattan. police say the truck eventually crashed into a school bus and the man got out and showed two weapons. a police officer shot him. the guns were
5:58 pm
to be a bb gun and a pellet gun. police are only describing the suspect right now as a 29-year-old man. nbc news is reporting he shouted allahu akbar. the suspect is currently in the hospital. again, eight people who were on that trail are dead tonight. 15 people are injured. a witness described the confusion after the truck crashed. >> i saw the truck after it was in the accident. i saw smoke coming out of it, but i didn't see the actual collision. i heard it was with a bus. >> now, police say this was a lone wolf attacker and there doesn't appear to be any additional threat. we'll bring you any new information on this case as it comes in. back to you in the studio. >> all right, thank you, pat. >> this attack appears to mirror a series of deadly attacks in europe in the past year and a half. in march an attacker killed six people when he drove into pedestrians on the west minute ter bridge. in june a van hit pedestrians on london bridge before three men jumped out and
5:59 pm
people. seven people were killed before police shot those attackers. >> and in august, a terrorist drove a van into pedestrians on a crowded street in barcelona. 14 people were killed in that incident. more than 130 were injured. >> back in december, a van plowed into a christmas market in berlin, germany. 12 people were killed, 50 more were injured. >> and in the most horrific attack was in july of 2016. a van drove into a crowd of people leaving a bastille celebration in nice in france. the terrorist behind the wheel killed 84 people before police shot and killed him. >> right now president trump is being briefed on this situation that is still unfolding at this hour within the shadows of ground zero in new york. >> nbc's blayne alexander at the white house with that part of our story. blayne? >> sure. >> reporter: so, we know as you mention just earlier this aaren president trump was briefed on the situation by chief of staff john kelly. we know it is something the white house is going to continue to monitoring through
6:00 pm
night. now, just about 30 minutes or so, president trump sent out a tweet saying it looked like another attack by a sick and demented person, and then writing in all caps, not in the usa. we've also seen a tweet from first lady melania trump. incidentally, the first lady is actually in new york city right now. we have confirmed with her office that she was there for a series of already planned meetings. she tweeted that her heart goes out to all of those affected and they are continuing to monitor the situation. now take a look at this tweet we saw from ivanka trump. she called the situation in new york city absolutely heart breaking. now, as you guys know, of course this is something that's personal for the trump family. president trump, of course, born and raised in new york. he's a new yorker. his daughter is a new yorker. in fact, trump tower there in mid town manhattan is only about 7 miles away give or take from where all of this is unfoldtion down in tribeca. so, this is something very deeply personal for the president. and as you know, it also comes at a time where president trump is getting ready to take off on a v


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